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Lending a hand to the next generation of black British doctors

This initiative would not exist without the generous support of our sponsors

Black Medical Society (BMS) was set up to tackle the under-representation of Afro-Caribbeans within the British medical profession. To realise our vision, we would like to see more black students applying and gaining offers to study medicine at university. However, medical school applications are notoriously competitive and applicants are expected to meet several academic and non-academic criteria. As you can imagine, putting together the perfect application can be quite challenging, especially without adequate support and guidance.


To this end, BMS offers a one-on-one mentorship scheme to prospective medical school applicants. Applicants are matched up with current medical students and junior doctors who are very enthusiastic and highly trained to provide appropriate support and guidance. Mentors communicate with their mentees via email and support them with all aspects of the application process - a service which includes the provision of personalised personal statement advice.

If you are interested in medicine and would like some support from BMS mentors, please contact us below.

Likewise, if you are a current medical student or junior doctor and you would like to become a mentor, please contact us below.

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