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The A Levels Fiasco is Part of a Wider Picture of Inequality in Medical School Recruitment

Article originally published in the BMJ.

This year’s A levels debacle is fresh proof that more needs to be done to widen access to medicine, says Melanie Etti

The initial release of A level grades this year resulted in widespread uproar as almost 40% of students across England saw their predicted results downgraded, causing many to miss out on their places at university. Their final grades had been calculated from their predicted grades using a new algorithm—its flaws soon became glaringly apparent...

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Article written by Melanie Etti is a clinical research fellow at the Institute for Infection and Immunity, St George’s, University of London. She is also a mentor for the Black Medical Society, a peer led organisation that provides support for Black medical students, junior doctors, and school students who are considering a career in medicine


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